$9.2M First Year | $31M Second Year

by | Dec 12, 2023

I got into real estate because I had already accomplished everything I could as a teacher, and I was ready to achieve bigger goals.

I joined RELEVATE because they are known for turning ambitious new agents into Top Producers

and that’s what I wanted to be, as soon as possible.

From the beginning the existing top producers were totally there to mentor me. They didn’t look at me as competition, they wanted to help me, and now that I’m one of them I’m happy to do that for other new agents.

Second, my office had not one but THREE brokers-in-charge who were always available to answer all my hundreds of questions.

And third, Relevate has proprietary software that basically tells you exactly what to do each day to be successful, including a point system and scoreboard that motivates you;  because it’s proven that if you DO the points, you’ll BECOME a top producing agent.

The process worked great for me.

I closed $9.2 million in my first year, and THIRTY-ONE MILLION in my second full year

for which I am more than grateful. What I didn’t tell you yet is I’m also a mom to three young kiddos. The client service support team at Relevate enabled me to handle all that business, and that’s one of many reasons I will never leave… but that’s the subject of another video.

If you’re willing to be humble and listen and learn, and work hard, Relevate is the only place to be. I’m more than happy to take your call or get together if you’d like to talk with me about my experience, so just text me and we’ll set up a time.

Laura Richardson    |    919-904-0756  |    laura.richardson@relevate.life


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