Client Service Managers Like to SERVE, Not SELL

by | Dec 9, 2023

I’ve been a CSM (Client Service Manager) at Relevate for about seven years. I really love working with agents who are ethical and strive to serve their clients.  BUT also… these agents are first and foremost, spouses and parents, they MAY have parents to take care of, they have hobbies and personal interests.

CSMs like me help Sales Agents have REAL BALANCE between their work and personal lives.

We take a lot of stress off of them that they’d feel trying to have that balance.

Agents sometimes wonder how they can trust CSMs to help them take care of their clients. Listen, WE KNOW we’re trustworthy, but we have to earn that trust from each agent who joins us. It’s an experiential thing. It starts with baby steps, you give us one thing to do, and see how it works.

We’ve done this before with so many agents, and we have incredibly detailed checklists to make sure everything is done on time and no detail gets dropped. Pretty soon you’ll want us to do everything we can do for you so you’ll be freed up to BOTH grow your business AND spend more time with your loved ones.

I know sometimes the Sales Agent / CSM relationship is introduced as like “doctor/nurse” thing but really it’s more like “doctor/doctor”. We’re just as good or better at OUR part of the transaction as you are, we just don’t have the desire to sell. We like to serve.

Clients LOVE this set up. The feedback is ALWAYS that they feel they’re getting “two for the price of one”, that there’s always someone there to help them any time they need it.

Do you show homes? Yep. Attend inspections? Yep. Handle due diligence negotiations? Yep. Write up offers? Yep. Deliver checks? Yep. Attend closings? Yep. Handle all the paperwork? Yep. Enter listings into MLS? Yep.

What else?

We often help with marketing, help you organize your database, and sometimes just sit down with you and help you stay focused on what you know you’re supposed to do. 

We really just want to help you be successful. We love it when we feel like we’re contributing to YOUR success.

What the agents at Relevate realize is that we aren’t an expense… we’re an investment. If we free you up enough to get just a few more clients, then that pays for us, and your incredibly-better life balance for the whole year.

A few more additional transactions after that, and not only do you have the LIFE balance, but you also have a ton more take-home income. That’s pretty much what every agent here has done.

You can feel free to call me if you’d like, I’d love to answer any questions you have.

Peggy Hoffert    |    919-656-2223    |


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