It takes a lot of commitment, forbearance, and hard work to reach the top of one’s profession and even harder to keep that position. Take, for instance, real estate agent Precious Chavis, who has been in the business for over 2 years.

Precious Chavis Hailed from Oxford, North Carolina. Chavis graduated from Winston Salem University in 2010 and bagged a degree in Marketing. She has been able to buy and sell houses professionally for two years and this has earned her a certification in luxury home marketing. Chavis was born and has lived a total of 21 years in the Triangle. Prior to joining the Real Estate Bandwagon, she worked as a Freight dispatcher for four years. With the help of her supportive team of licensed, talented, and professionally trained assistants, Chavis has been able to ensure that with every transaction she leaves her clients feeling more like family rather than just clients. This stand her out and gives her an edge over other Real Estate Agents. Family is an invaluable component of every human, Chavis is not an exception, Chavis’ family includes Kayden, a soccer player, and Mckenzie, a dancer. Her love of building a family is what propels her to easily give back to the community, this she has effortlessly been doing through assisting kids for prom, back to school and/or even Christmas. Whenever Chavis is not handing keys over to a family with a smile, she is probably traveling, cooking or having a swell time with family and friends. Of course, life isn’t all about work with Precious Chavis. When she is not previewing properties or assisting clients to find their new home, she is just like every other person who enjoys family time.

Just give her a call and she’ll make you her priority!