Relevate Growth Rewards for The RELEVATE TEAM!

by | Nov 28, 2023

*** Read the TEXT VERSION of this video below! ***       See below for information referenced in the video above…

The Full Explanation of the Relevate Growth Rewards Program

Best Videos to Send to Prospective Agents

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ALSO, we can make a video starring YOU (it’s actually a lot easier than you might think) to help attract agents to contact you, that we will send to thousands of agents. Here are some examples: MATT, PETE, CHUCK, RICCI, KRISTY, BRANDON (learn more about how to do this at the bottom of this article).


TEXT VERSION of the video at the top of this article:

Hi Relevators, This video is a request asking for you to help me, and help yourself at the same time.

At our most recent Quarterly State of the Company meeting I announced the official start of our Relevate Growth Rewards Program. This is a multi-level compensation program very similar to what eXp does, but ours is 30-300% more lucrative, depending on the size of the downline you build. We created this program FIRST because I want YOU to have the same benefits eXp’rs have, and SECOND because almost ALL our best Sales Agents have come to us by referral from our current team. This program is a very good and proven way for us to share the financial benefits of growth with YOU when you make it happen by referring good people to us.

NOW, like RIGHT NOW, is the time take action because 60% of agents who move from one brokerage to another do it in the month of December. There are thousands of agents out there right now asking themselves, “Am I at the right brokerage for me?” If YOU are asking that question, please tell me where we’ve dropped the ball, because I’ve worked very hard to make Relevate by far the best place for top producing agents, experienced agents who want to be top producers, and for highly qualified new agents to become top producers within a couple years. 

Now, of course, we only want great people and I will not accept anyone who doesn’t meet our Core Values. But for those people, Relevate IS the best place for ambitious Sales Agents and for busy agents who want to have more life balance and even more growth. HOWEVER, these agents will only learn about us BY REFERRAL. They will ONLY listen to YOU to find the answer they need. They don’t trust advertisements or emails, and they run from cold calls. But they WILL listen to YOU. So, please

  1. Think right now about agents you know who would benefit from our systems and amazing support,
  2. Invite them to an informal, no pressure lunch or coffee, and explain why YOU think THEY should consider joining Relevate.
  3. Then, if they are interested, introduce them to me and I’ll take it from there.

I appreciate you taking time to focus on this now. NOW is the time. SO, I’ve got a bunch of resources for you (see above) that will hep you be successful doing this, and show you why growth is GREAT for all of us in many ways. You’ll also see links to videos I’ve recorded that you can send to potential agents to answer questions and explain all the details, and even examples of videos we can make starring YOU.

Thank you for helping me with this. And you will thank YOURSELF for taking action NOW to create big passive income for your family and your future.



Several people have asked me about making their own video for this, so I’m adding this explanation below of how we’ve been doing it successfully and efficiently for all those who have come to me previously interested in participating in the RGR program:
First I interview you for about 10 minutes, that can be over the phone. Then I write up a script based on what you told me, using your words, but making it super concise down to 90 seconds (so it can be used on Instagram, which is where we’re investing part of our budget to get your video out there). Then you come in and we make the video(s)…
Why scripted on the teleprompter? We’ve tried to do it “ad lib” (which everyone so far had been pretty good at) or even giving people questions in advance, but it just doesn’t work because when we try to edit it and put all the best parts together, it doesn’t fit together. It’s very cut up and jerky. I tried it myself with all the videos I’ve made, and it was just super frustrating. So I learned to use the teleprompter. It took me a few tries, but now I can do it very efficiently and doesn’t look like I’m reading and I can get on film exactly what I want to say. So, when you come in to get filmed, I coach you up and share what I learned the long hard way (exaggerate because the camera “dulls you down” and reduced the perceived energy and enthusiasm by about 50%, enunciate words really well, don’t worry about mistakes, do a few sentences at a time and we can edit them together smoothly, etc). Everyone feels a little awkward at first, but then it becomes fun and everyone had crushed it so far. Typically we do a run-through without the camera on just to practice, then we do another practice with the camera on and me giving some coaching, then a third with a lot of enthusiasm and watch it back on my screen which gives you some good feedback, then if we need a fourth we do it. Each “take” is pretty quick, it’s a 90 second script after all. They’ve ALL turned out great (if you watched them you’ll know).
The best thing is, once you “get it”, you’ll be able to make videos really easily in the future. The time-consuming part is getting the script just right, but once you’ve got that part, you can just knock it out easy-peasy. Using a teleprompter is a great skill to learn.
For those of you who want to make these videos, just tell me when you can get interviewed for 10-15 minutes, and then another time at least 24 hours later (I have to write the script) to come in and film. For example, I’m interviewing Laura as she is driving at 1pm Friday, then we’re filming at 8am Monday.
Also, in the future, let us know any time you want to make other videos for any other purpose. We’ve got all the equipment ready to go. We just need YOU.
What subjects do I ask you about for the script?  The subjects we’ve focused on so far are (and the examples I’m using are only the people who have already filmed their videos or who are upcoming/scheduling), and some people have covered three of these with three different scripts (Pete)…
(1) CSMs who explain their role and how they work in partnership with SAs
  • Kirsten, Peggy, and Stephanie already filmed, but I’m writing scripts for them now, based on what they filmed “ad lib”. Great stuff, just hard to edit it together.
(2) New agent who started at at Relevate and became successful
  • Ricci, Pete, Matt, Kristy are done, Laura & Tara are coming soon, others scheduling
(3) An experienced agent who wants to grow their business without wrecking their personal and family life grows from modest volume to TP volume
(4) An agent who joined us as a Top Producer and wanted to get their personal and family lives back, and then grow more
  • Adrienne’s video is upcoming (she’s just slammed right now, mostly mentoring everyone 🙂
(5) other subjects that you might think would appeal to people that I’m not thinking of
Let me know any questions…